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St. Ambrose University Patrick Torrey Obituary How Did Patrick Torrey Die?

Remembering Patrick Torrey: A Legacy of Love and Positivity

The untimely passing of Patrick Torrey, a young prodigious individual from Pekin, Illinois, has left a ripple effect of sorrow in the hearts of many. Born on October 21, 2000, Patrick’s life met a tragic halt on November 19, 2022, in Davenport, Iowa. At merely 22 years, Patrick’s journey had been vibrant and influential, and his absence is a piercing void for those he left behind.

Early Life and Achievements

Patrick Torrey’s educational journey was one marked by accolades and perseverance. Beginning his academic pursuits at St. Joseph’s Catholic School, Patrick was recognized as the 2015 Pekin Elk Student of the Year. His passion for knowledge led him to Bel Air Elementary in Cumberland, Maryland. This was not just a school for Patrick, but a place where he forged lifelong bonds.

By 2019, Patrick graduated from Pekin Community High, a testament to his unwavering dedication. Beyond being a student, he was an emblem of community service and involvement, earning him a place in the prestigious National Honor Society. His efforts did not go unnoticed, receiving the PCHS and Andrew “Eddie” Ford Scholarships.

Passion for Sports and Community

Basketball was not just a sport for Patrick; it was a sanctuary. Whether representing PCHS or playing for the Illinois Irish summer league, Patrick’s love for the game was evident. His drive extended beyond the court, with his summers spent working at Pekin Park, where he discovered a profound purpose in serving children.

A Future Cut Short

Patrick’s ambition to serve others led him to St. Ambrose University, where he was pursuing psychology with an aspiration to become a child therapist. His endeavors at the university were just as notable, receiving numerous scholarships. Donning the number 40 jersey, Patrick proudly represented the college basketball team.

His affable nature resonated with many. Co-workers fondly nicknamed him “bro,” a testament to his amicable spirit. Patrick’s radiant smile became a hallmark, symbolizing his unwavering willingness to help.

Family and Relationships

The devastating loss has profoundly impacted the Torrey family. His parents, Tadd and Patricia, face the inconsolable pain of losing a child. Patrick’s grandparents, Fred and Marla Torrey, mourn the loss of a grandson they held dear. His sisters, Christy and Olivia, grapple with the absence of their brother, whose presence was a cornerstone of their familial bond.

Adding to the heartbreak is the sorrow of Eliza Dzurisin, Patrick’s companion for two years. Their relationship was a testament to young love, filled with dreams and aspirations, now shattered with Patrick’s untimely demise.


The exact cause of Patrick Torrey’s death remains shrouded in mystery, deepening the grief for his family, friends, and community. Yet, the legacy Patrick leaves behind transcends his short-lived years. His life, though brief, was impactful, touching lives and making a difference. As the community mourns the loss of this young beacon of hope, his memory remains eternal, reminding everyone of a life lived with purpose, love, and positivity.

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