Starship, by Elon Musk, will Make its First Flight in “Two or Three Months”

The spacecraft Starship of SpaceX could have its first flight within “two or three months.”

This was announced, through TwitterElon Musk, executive director of the rocket manufacturer.

The Starship is designed to transport loads and people to the Moon and Mars, as previously explained by the director of Tesla.

Musk also shared a video showing the construction of the dome of the ship, the “most difficult part of the primary structure,” he said.

“I was up all night with the SpaceX team working on the production of the Starship tank dome (the hardest part of the primary structure. Dawn comes …” Elon Musk wrote .

In November, the first real-size prototype of the ship exploded during a test and Musk declared that SpaceX would make improvements in subsequent versions. However, he ruled out repairing the damaged Starship Mk1.

As recorded RT, Starship “will be the most powerful launch vehicle in the world ever developed, capable of carrying more than 100 metric tons to orbit the Earth.”

The accident of the first prototype, which occurred on November 20 in the town of Boca Chica, Texas (United States), would have occurred due to a failure during a cryogenic pressure test.

SpaceX explained on that occasion that they sought to “pressurize the systems to the fullest”, so the result “has not been completely unexpected.”

Also, from the company they reported that the team will focus on building the Starship Mk3, which is “designed for orbit”.




Source: Larepublica