Stork Mother Refused to Leave Her Nest Despite the Flames Devouring Her Hopelessly

She had a powerful reason to stay there: her three defenseless chicks. The firemen did the impossible to rescue this family.

The mother stork and her three young were trapped in the middle of a fire caused by the impact of lightning on their nest.

The home of this family of storks was on the highest part of a post with high voltage cables.

The firemen of the Romanian town of Orlat, aware of the danger, organized an operation to save the mother and her children.

They managed to cut the power supply to climb to the nest and throw water to appease the flames.

With the nest still smoking, they rescued the entire family.

Both the stork mother and her chicks suffered burns, but they will live and be rehabilitated to return them to their habitat.

Source: NoticiasCaracoltv