Subject Disguises Himself as a Pilot to Get Better Seats and Avoid Queues

A recent post on Facebook has become viral in a short time. A man for several years was posing as a pilot to get better seats and avoid long lines.

But his fortune stopped smiling at him, since he was arrested at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, in New Delhi, in India, when he was getting ready to board his flight.

The scammer identified as 48-year-old Rajan Mahbubani was proudly wearing his German Lufthansa airline pilot uniform. He was preparing to board flight I5-579 from Air Asia, from New Delhi to Calcutta.

Many users on Facebook wonder how he could do that maneuver for so long without being discovered.

“A suspicious passenger in a Lufthansa airline captain uniform,” was the warning reported by the Chief of Security of German airlines.

It was Rajan, who has nothing as a pilot. The subject, a native of India, lives in Vasant Kunj, in the capital New Delhi.

He was found with a fake ID card from Captain Lufthansa Airlines, which allowed him to access privileges at the airport.

The Facebook post received comments of all kinds.

Many of the people were in favor of the ruse that the man used to impersonate as a pilot and win the best seats on the airline’s flights, while other users criticized the airport’s security for taking so long to realize the scam.

Mahbubani used aviation record videos to upload to YouTube and had obtained a fake ID card Lufthansa in Bangkok, said an official.

During the interrogation, it was discovered that he was fond of wearing uniforms of different professions.

The subject had the tactic of getting in line that the airline’s crew members regularly used to board the ship.

“I would have liked to have those privileges”, “That such ability of the subject not to be discovered for several years”, were some of the comments of the users on Facebook.




Source: Elpopular