Supposed Detailed Recording Of Area 51, The Extraterrestrial Military Zone (Video)

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A young youtuber managed to film what he claims to be a detail of Area 51, the mysterious area that became a secret reference for the relationship between the US Army and extraterrestrial beings

A video that circulates on YouTube is causing a sensation among users and fans of the strangest places on the planet, the clip reveals an alleged detail of Area 51, an area that for years has been designated as a reference for extraterrestrial trials and contact of beings from other planets with the United States Army.

The mystery of Area 51 was revived when the YouTube channel ‘Adventures With Christian’ brought to light a video in which it is apparent that Area 51 is actually a secret base of the United States Air Force. It is located in the state of Nevada just in the south, and according to the hypothesis is an extraterrestrial zone.

The videos that would have been filmed from the Tikaboo peak to at least 42 kilometers from Area 51, show an airplane in the process of taking off and a strange moving object, although it has been pointed out that it could be a military vehicle.

The hidden secrets of Area 51

The quality of the video allows to see that in the large military installation are cars, helicopters and even airplanes, including the one that was taking off, so it is said that Area 51 is in its largest occupation in recent decades.

Some versions suggest that the site is used to test secret weapons of the armed forces of the United States, the restrictions on its entry and function make it not only one of the most mysterious, but the most hermetic places in the world associated with the extraterrestrial conspiracy .