Technical problem at airport of Toronto left hundreds of passengers without luggage

airport in TorontoHundreds of passengers of the Air Transat airline, who arrived at the airport in the British city of Birmingham were left without luggage, as a result of technical failures at the airport in Toronto, Canada. The airplane of Air Transat took off from Toronto to a 6-hou flight to UK, but on arrival only 85 passengers out of 300 received their luggage.

The flight was detained for three hours due to a technical malfunction in the baggage system.

“When we arrived in Birmingham after a three-hour delay, everyone was exhausted and a little outraged, you can imagine what we felt when they told us that our luggage had not arrived”, said a plane passenger, Damon Brown.

The representative of Air Transat airline apologized for the delay in departure and problems with getting baggage.

“Pearson (Toronto International Airport) had serious problems due to technical malfunctions, and the schedule of many of our flights, including the flight TS164, was violated. We technically could not inform each passenger about the status of his baggage prior to the departure of the aircraft, however, we warned passengers about problems with baggage sorting. W advise all passengers who have not yet received their luggage to keep in touch with Birmingham airport, which will notify them as soon as baggage arrives in the UK”, said the representative of Air Transat.

Other passengers who made flights this week between Canada and the UK also faced similar problems, the publication adds. In particular, problems were observed on flights from London’s Gatwick Airport to the Canadian city of Calgary, as well as from Pearson Airport to Gatwick Airport.