Tecnam received bulk order from USA for their new high-wing airplane P2012 Traveller

Tecnam P2012 TravellerThe Italian aircraft manufacturer Tecnam received bulk order for their new high-wing airplane P2012 Traveller, which is expected to gain EASA and FAA certification early next year. The Massachusetts-based regional airline Cape Air ordered 100 airplanes from the new 11-seat model. The finance details of the deal were not disclosed, but the first 20 are expected to be delivered already in 2019.

“What we asked of Tecnam was not easy, but they gave us a real solution for our future needs in a changing industry. We are now able to offer our passengers a modern and stylish twin-engine aircraft ideal for small community air service in the US and abroad”, said the CEO of Cape Air, Dan Wolf.

Tecnam P2012 Traveller is a high-winged, twin piston engined multi-role aircraft being developed by Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam, which is based in Capua, Italy. It is designed to be compliant with both FAR part 23 and EASA CS-23 regulations. Tecnam P2012 Traveller has length of 11.80 m, height of 4.40 m, wingspan of 14.00 m and wing area of 25.40 sq m. The aircraft is powered by two 375-hp Lycoming piston engines, providing low operating costs for regional flights. Tecnam P2012 Traveller has empty weight of 2,250 kg and maximum takeoff weight of 3,600 kg. The airplane can also be configured for cargo deliveries, skydiving operations, medevac and VIP transport, to name a few. The P2012 can also be configured as an amphibian.