Tensions Grow Between China and the United States & New Missile Complicates the Situation

The long-range JL-3 missile, built for China’s most advanced submarines, is jeopardizing political relations with the United States

The missile will be fully integrated with the next generation of submarines by 2025 and the Asian country has not officially confirmed this development for now.

However, it remains a threat; a manufacture of such a weapon could put the People’s Liberation Army at an impressive distance from the United States. Analysts note that the JL-3 will give China a credible nuclear deterrent effect and second strike power against rivals.

When the JL-3 is operational in Chinese submarines, it should be capable of integrating nuclear weapons and have a range of more than 10,000 kilometers.” It was highlighted in a report by the United States Air Force’s National Center for Air and Space Intelligence, called “Cruise and Ballistic Missiles.”

Also, the report adds, China was developing and testing offensive missiles and improving other missiles. 

At the end of 2018, it tested a prototype of the JL-3 with a longer range than its predecessor (JL-2) .” 

Malcolm Davis, senior security expert at the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy, added: “China could quickly deploy with more powerful weapons to fight.”

This in reference to the development of China’s arms capabilities  with more advanced ballistic missiles launched by sea could represent a safe capacity for a counterattack. 

The JL-3 needs to be launched from the Bohai Sea, to get to things in the United States; it would be difficult for China to deploy its submarines without being detected,” Davis said.

Timothy Heath, security specialist for the American Think Thank at Rand Corporation, explained to the media that the Jl-3 is a fearsome weapon, and together with the DF-41 it would give China greater military power. 

Missiles like the JL-3 are an effective means of targeting the United States from extremely long ranges, increasing its power.”

Added to this, Heath stressed that the PLA’s nuclear capacity increases the risk and cost of any fight between the United States against China

The objective is to convince the United States that such a fight is not worth it, allowing it to gain ground against Taiwan without fighting the United States.”

So far, the Chinese government headed by President Xi Jinping has not commented on this military device and whether it will have it available before the established date. 

It should be noted that missiles like the JL-3 are an essential element in the ability of the Chinese army to respond to any attack from its rivals, such as the United States.






Source: Diariopresente