Terror In The Sky! Plane Makes Emergency Landing As Fight Breaks Out Among Passengers

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The brawl caused such an uproar inside the aircraft that went from the United Kingdom to Spain that the pilot had to divert his route to Portugal. Seven citizens of British nationality were arrested and the video of the event generated reactions of all kinds on YouTube .

Moments of terror lived the passengers of a flight of a well-known low cost airline after seven citizens of British nationality unleashed a brawl that included spits, insults, blows and objects through the air. The details of the event were recorded on video and shared on YouTube .

It all happened last Thursday, October 4 during an Easy Jet flight that covered the Manchester-Tenerife route when those involved in the fight – divided into two sides – began fighting in the back of the plane, forcing the pilot to make a landing emergency in Faro (Portugal) at two hours flight.

A flight attendant separated the rioters and sat one of them in the front rows of seats in an attempt to calm the tensions. Minutes later, the aforementioned returned to the place where the rest of his companions were sitting and another confrontation broke out, which this time was interrupted by the passengers.

“A woman got in the middle, but one of the men spat in her eye. It was disgusting. After that, the captain decided to divert to Portugal and the group of men began to shout very angry, ”said Nathan Belford, witness of the fight that caused a stir on YouTube , to British media.

When the plane touched down in Portugal, the seven men were expelled from the flight and arrested. Once evacuated and made available to local authorities, the plane resumed its journey and arrived without any other complications to the Spanish city of Tenerife two hours later.

In a statement, Easy Jet confirmed that “flight EZY1903 from Manchester to Tenerife on 3 October was diverted to Faro as a result of the disruptive behaviour of some passengers and that it was solved by the police upon arrival. Those involved were removed by the authorities and the aircraft continued its journey to Tenerife. ”

“While these incidents are rare, we take them very seriously and do not tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour on board. The safety and well-being of customers and the crew are our top priority, ”added the airline about the embarrassing fact recorded on video, which continues to accumulate views and reactions on YouTube .


Source: Trome