The 10 “Potentially Dangerous” Asteroids Monitored by NASA

The US agency has a center that monitors space objects that have an orbit close to our planet in order to study them and determine their future behavior.

Astronomers around the world monitor the asteroids that orbit close to Earth in order to prevent any damage to our planet before a possible impact. 

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The potentially hazardous asteroids (PHA acronym) are objects that have a minimum of orbital intersection of 0.05 of an astronomical (distance between Earth and the Sun) or smaller unit.

The Minor Planet Center, an organization of the International Astronomical Union, classifies all These objects have the potential to cause local or global damage to our planet because any variation in their orbit can divert their course towards us.

The Center for Near Earth Object of NASA has a list of asteroids that constantly monitors. Here the 10 most important that will come closest to our planet for the remainder of the year:

– 2016 DE : It will approach Earth on July 7 at a distance of 4.9 million kilometers, almost 13 times what separates us from the Moon. It has a diameter of 140 meters.

– 2019 KD3 : With a diameter of 140 meters, it will “touch” our planet on July 12 at a distance of 3.8 million kilometers.

– 2010 PK9 : It will approach Earth on July 26, at a distance of 7.4 million kilometers. It has a diameter of 260 meters.

– 2006 QQ23 : With a diameter of 570 meters, it will pass close to Earth on August 10, some three million kilometers away.

– 2019 GT3 : On September 6 this asteroid, which is 380 meters in diameter, will approach. The distance will also be three million kilometers.

–  2000 QW7 : Discovered in 2000, this stellar object will have its minimum distance with Earth on September 14 (4.2 million kilometers). This is one of the largest objects that will approach our planet for the rest of the year: 650 meters. That same day, almost at the same distance, will pass the 2010 asteroid CO1 that has 260 meters.

–  1998 FF14 : On the 24th of that month, this 430-meter space rock will orbit Earth close to 5.5 million kilometers.

–  1998 HL1 : In October the biggest asteroid that will approach us in 2019 will make its appearance. It measures 990 meters and will touch the Earth at 3.6 million kilometers, 16 times what separates us from the Moon.

–  2006 SF6 : On November 21 this celestial body of 620 meters will approach at a distance of 5.9 million kilometers.

– 2000 CH59 : To close the year, this asteroid will pass close to Earth on December 26 (3.1 million kilometers). It has a diameter of 620 meters.

According to NASA, none of these asteroids represents a real danger to humans so far. They will closely monitor astronomers to predict their future orbits and determine its characteristics.



Source: Elcomercio