The 13th ICAO Air Navigation Conference was opened in Montreal

ICAO Air Navigation ConferenceThe 13th ICAO Air Navigation Conference was opened in Montreal. The topic of the Conference “From development to implementation” covers a discussion of the key problems of implementing technical and organizational solutions related to the development and improvement of technologies, operational concepts and roadmaps from the development stage to implementation in the field of air navigation system functioning.

“This topic defines the importance of a conceptual approach for global use, development of implementation plans at the regional level and improvement of the efficiency of activities at the local level based on specific operational needs. The conference agenda includes issues of improving flight safety, ensuring the growth of airspace capacity traffic and other key areas of global air navigation that are of actual interest to the aviation community”, says the statement.

Detailed technical discussions are subject to discussion in the two established committees of the Conference: the Air Navigation Committee and the Safety Committee, which will allow flexible development of realistic global plans and work programs focused on the urgent and foreseeable needs of international civil aviation.

The work of the Conference will last until October 19. The recommendations developed by the Conference will be submitted for approval to the ICAO Council for further approval by the 40th Session of the Assembly in 2019.