The 2006 QV89 Asteroid the Size of a Soccer Field will Approach Earth

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The asteroid known as 2006 QV89 will have an approach to the Earth, has the size of a soccer field and experts believe that it is unlikely to impact our planet.

An asteroid the size of a soccer field will have an approach to the Earth, the celestial body corresponds to the name of 2006 QV89 and according to the European Space Agency has a diameter of 40 meters, its risk of collision is 7,299 possibilities.

Despite the fear that its size has aroused among the population, ESA has pointed to the 2006 asteroid QV89 as one of the space objects that are least likely to impact the Earth.

The approach of 2006 QV89 will happen on September 9 at least 6.7 million kilometers from our planet, when the Moon is 384 thousand 400 kilometers away.

In comparison, the European Space Agency has said that the asteroid that caused the extinction of dinosaurs was around 10 kilometers.

However, the nearby asteroid has already approached our planet on other occasions since 1950 and it will not be the only time it does so. The space agency estimates that in the years 2032, 2045 and 2062 will return to have considerable approaches to the Earth, without for now represent any danger.



Source: Chispa