The “Antichrist” in Chetumal Mexico? Shocking Images! of Something Flying Over in Quintana. Roo, Mexican State. (Unbelievable)

Shocking images of something flying over Chetumal’s sky, people say it may be a prehistoric animal or the antichrist himself.

We almost entered the month of October and it seems to be that the best date of the year was anticipated to us, the first sighting of “Jeepers Creepers” (the demon), was in the capital of the state of Quintana Roo, Chetumal, where several people were witnesses that in previous days observed in the sky a strange silhouette of something that flew over the sky, but giving zoom to their images were totally surprised since the creature that one manages to see is similar antichrist.

People who like everything that has to do with the paranormal phenomenon have said many things on social networks about this strange creature that is flying over the vicinity of the state capital, some even claim that it could be some prehistoric animal or even the antichrist himself.

Some of the images that were made viral were taken by Virginia, in three different images you can distinguish the apparent figure of a giant creature as a bird with huge wings and claws, these photographs were taken north of the capital.

Almost immediately the photos were taken that were shared in social networks and just in the three appears the strange creature that is causing panic among the inhabitants of Chetumal.

According to Virginia’s account, the photographs were taken at 2 p.m. very close to the church of Santa Cruz, (you can see that it is the antichrist) in the colony of Los Marinos. More than one person has been able to capture this type of images so that they do not say that it is photomontage.

One of the photographs we showed you is of Juan Canto Uh, who was driving his car and suddenly something in the sky caught his attention and he took out his cell phone to take a picture and that he could show it so that everyone would believe him since something like this is not seen every day. In the photo you can see again the creature over the sky of Chetumal for several days.

According to what the people who had the opportunity to see this strange creature say, it is between 3 and 4 meters long.

It’s not to scare you but the clown is already in charge of you,aaaah don’t believe it! you will always have the last word.

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Images Chetumal Quintana Roo