The Apocalyptic Prophecy of September 23 Terrifies Everyone

Thousands of apocalyptic prophecies arise day by day, but what worries Internet users today is one with Christian bases known as the Rapture, which would take place on September 23, 2019.

After hearing so many times that the end of the world is approaching, we humans must feel immortal in a certain way, because we have survived several supposed catastrophes as if we were superheroes.

However, we still have a prediction that probably has many worried. We refer to what is published by the ProphecyOfProof portal, where there is talk of a biblical theory called the Rapture.

What is this new conspiracy about? Will aliens come down to take us? It turns out that the Rapture consists of an apocalyptic event written in the Bible that speaks of Jesus’ second coming to Earth.

He is known as Rapture because that is when ‘the just and kind’ will be elevated (abducted) to heaven and Jesus will come down, accompanied by the dead, to judge the living who have not acted according to his law but, according to verse 36 of the Matthew chapter 24, nobody knows the day or time for this event.

Not even the angels or the same son of God, only the father.

According to the Bible, the events before the Rapture will be the following:

  • The Christian religion will stop practicing
  • The identity of the Antichrist will be revealed
  • The Antichrist will persecute the few remaining Christians and blaspheme in a war that will last 42 months
  • There will be sacrileges in churches and temples
  • There will be great world suffering from wars and disasters and the Rapture will occur in the midst of this chaos

Some users question the possibility that the great Rapture will happen on September 23, because they say that none of the above has happened, what do you think?

Another event that has to do with this theory is that the Rapture will happen after 70 years of tension between Jews and Islamists around the Golden Gate in Jerusalem, something that has been going on for several decades, as both religions debate so continue on the ‘holiness’ of that place.

It is said that, through this door, which is also known as the Gate of Mercy or Eternal Life, Jesus will enter his second coming.



Source: Lanetanoticias