The Chamber of Senators Authorized Entry of US Troops to Paraguay

The Senate had called an extra session that had as a single item on the agenda the authorization for the temporary entry of 10 instructors of the 20th Special Operations Group of the United States of America.

The point was approved by most senators. However, the Guasu Front bench ruled against it and decided to leave the plenary.

After the point was approved, the extraordinary session of the Senate was adjourned.

The North American instructors will arrive in the country within the framework of the Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCET), in a plane of the US Air Force. They will be from August 11 to September 11, 2019.

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One of the objectives of this cooperation in relation to defense is that the members of the Special Forces of Paraguay achieve knowledge of strategies to combat organized crime.

Last February, US Special Forces troops had already entered Paraguayan territory, to cooperate with the fight against drug trafficking.

Days ago, the US ambassador to Paraguay, Lee McClenny, had pronounced before the political crisis that was experienced in the country, at a time when the political trial to the main heads of the Executive Power seemed imminent.

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The possibility of prosecution against Mario Abdo Benítez and Hugo Velázquez is still latent. In the case of the vice president, the Dear Homeland Party has even presented the accusatory libel against him.



Source: UltimaHora