The Discussion Between a Pilot and a Flight Attendant Ends with Terrible Blows [VIDEO]

Both employees were arrested and fired by the airline.

The video of a violent discussion that ended with blows, starring two employees of the American regional airline Republic Airways showing the pilot and the flight attendant in an aircraft access sleeve has leaked online this week.

The incident occurred on September 14 during a stopover at the Denver International Airport (Colorado, USA) at a time when there were no passengers on board, reports ABC News.

The recording of the incident, recorded by a security camera, begins with the pilot, identified as William Thomas , 36, with his back to the catwalk when his companion Marisha Sporer , 29, approaches him. The man turns around and apparently spits the woman.

The flight attendant responds by slapping her assailant, who, in turn, gives her two blows, one in the torso and the other in the face.

Then, Thomas walks again to the door of the plane while Sporer fixes her hair and follows him again.

It is detailed that both were arrested on charges of assault and disturbance of public order.

According to the researchers, Thomas and Sporer had a romantic relationship since November last year, until the woman discovered something on her partner’s phone that caused the fight.

According to the police report, that day the couple agreed to break the relationship, after which Thomas went to the cabin of the plane, while Sporer went to the boarding gate.

However, the woman soon felt angry at the situation, went to look for the pilot and confronted him, holding him by the tie and slapping him three times, although those actions do not appear on the security tape.

Both were fired by the airline and must appear at a court hearing scheduled next week.

Watch the viral video down below. But beware, the video contains graphic content!



Source: ActualidadRT