The Donation of Implements from the United States Reaches the Military in Guayaquil

The US donation is distributed. Members of the Armed Forces, assigned to the Special Security Zone, decreed in four cantons of Guayas by the COVID-19 health emergency, will receive more biosafety kits.

This Monday, April 13, two Ecuadorian Air Force House (FAE) planes transported medical supplies (biosafety kits, protective suits, gloves, masks and other items) from Quito’s Tababela airport to Guayaquil, donated by the American Charity Anywhere Foundation.

The donation came last week on an FAE plane that flew more than 20 hours to transfer aid.

The flight made a stopover in Mexico for the disembarkation of some 45 citizens of that country who remained stranded in Ecuador as a consequence of the sanitary emergency decreed to contain the advance of the pandemic.

Last week the United States Embassy in Quito reported that among the implements there were also surgical gowns and biological protection suits.

The United States Air Force assisted in the packing of the cargo and arranged for the departure and arrival of the FAE C-130 aircraft, which was sent to Utah, United States to withdraw the donation.

Of those 16,000 freedmen who arrived in the country on Saturday, at least 13,000 will be distributed to uniformed personnel who carry out actions in Guayas.

The distribution will be in charge of the Guayas Joint Task Force, integrated to act in that jurisdiction.

Guayas is the province with the highest number of confirmed cases and deceased persons. Of the 7,529 confirmed cases until this Monday, April 13, 5,395 belong to that province.

There were 355 officially recognized coronavirus deaths and 424 probable COVID-19 deaths across the country. So far, 24,553 samples have been taken for  COVID-19.

Of the confirmed cases, around 229 infected and three confirmed deceased are registered in the Armed Forces. There are 1,280 uniformed personnel in temporary centers of compulsory isolation.

The military, along with the police and doctors, have the highest risk of contracting the virus due to their direct contact with citizens and patients.

Over the weekend, the Social Security Institute of the Armed Forces (Issfa) transferred 200 samples of COVID-19 to Guayaquil.

80 for the Ground Force, 80 for the Naval Force and 40 for the Air Force. Another 60 will go to San Lorenzo, in Esmeraldas and the distribution of 200 more test kits is planned this week.




Source: Expreso