The Fall of a ‘Fireball’ that Crossed the US Sky

A ‘fireball‘ crossed the sky of Oregon (USA) and so far, the authorities have not been able to locate the landing site and also determine what it is.

The photographs were released Thursday by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO) and announced the start of investigations.

Initially the object was reported as a plane crash, but the possibility has been ruled out. “PCSO has used all available aviation tracking systems and no aircraft has been lost,” the Office posted on Facebook.

In addition, the police reported that during the weekend airplanes would be used to increase search efforts and cover the area of ​​difficult access.

“At this time we have no information that there is anything outside. We can say with confidence that it was not a plane crash. Therefore, we believe it was some kind of natural event,” Officer Dustin Newman told Katu News.

Some experts believe that it is a meteorite that could fall into the ocean, hundreds of kilometers from its sighting.

However, the resident who took the photographs has cast doubt on this version and says he saw a small plane in the sky before the incident.

“I have seen meteorites before, and they are bright white and in five seconds they are gone. That lasted too long,” Richard Roman told the American media.



Source: ActualidadRT