The Fall of a Huge Fireball Illuminates a Central Province of Spain

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The incandescent rock entered the atmosphere at 54,000 kilometers per hour.

A rock from an asteroid entered the Earth‘s atmosphere in the early hours of this Sunday, July 7 and flew over the center of the Spanish province of Ciudad Real.

According to  Professor José María Madiedo, of the SMART meteorite observation project, the meteorite entered the atmosphere at 0:59 (local time) at a speed of 54,000 kilometers  per hour. The specialist noted that the speed reached caused the rock to become incandescent at an altitude of 85 kilometers.

The red-hot rock advanced in a southeasterly direction and ended at an altitude of about 26 kilometers east of Ciudad Real, in central Spain.

The phenomenon has been registered from the Astronomical Complex of La Hita, in Toledo, and by the detectors of the SMART project. The fireball was so bright that it could be seen from a distance of 400 kilometers.


Source: Actualidad