The First Ever Filming of a Solar Eclipse Made 119 Years Ago

The following video is actual footage of a solar eclipse, which was recorded in 1900 in North Carolina, now available in high resolution.

The first filming of a solar eclipse was published on Thursday by the British Film Institute (BFI) on its YouTube channel. The video, which lasts a minute, shows the exact moment when the moon completely overshadows the sun.

Before the video was repaired frame by frame and recovered in 4K quality, it was archived in the Royal Astronomical Society.

This eclipse took place on May 28, 1900 and was recorded by British illusionist and inventor Nevil Maskelyne in North Carolina (USA) during an expedition of the British Astronomical Association. The man recorded the film using a special telescopic adapter in his camera.

It was Maskelyne‘s second attempt to film this astronomical event, after he was robbed of images of an eclipse filmed in India in 1898.

“It’s wonderful to see that the events of our scientific past come to life, astronomers are always willing to accept new technologies, and a century ago our predecessors were no exception,” said Mike Cruise, president of the Royal Astronomical Society in a published statement for the organization.

Source: Actualidad