The Former Director of the Pentagon Program on UFOs Tells Us What They Discovered

Luis Elizondo, former head of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, breaks his silence on US sightings.

Since a couple of weeks ago the theme of UFOs has become fashionable again. Since the government of the United States recognized that continues to investigate sightings in the Advanced Threat Identification Program Aeroespaciales (AATIP), many scientists and politicians of the Congress in the country have decided to talk about these unidentified aerial phenomena.

Now the ex-director of the plan of top secret ensures that “has stories to tell” and has shared for the first time in a new documentary that premiered on May 31 on ‘History Channel’. When Military Intelligence Officer Luis Elizondo left the Pentagon in 2017, he decided to speak with the journalists of The New York Times to confirm the existence of the shadow agency and describe its mission.

Why is Elizondo no longer working in the sighting program? He had to abandon it after the official response to the agency’s findings and his unwillingness to address the potential risks of UFOs. “There is not a big revelation about unidentified flying objects, but we do go deep into the hidden accounts of the investigations.”
“We need to overcome the stigmas when we talk more openly about mysterious planes, some of which may represent a greater threat than we think”, he says to ‘Live Science‘.
The UFOs have fascinated people for decades, but they also represent a unique challenge for federal agents trying to determine if they are a threat to national security. Prior to AATIP, the American Air Force had already launched the “Blue Book Project”, which studied more than 12,000 alleged sightings from 1952 to 1969.

During Elizondo’s tenure in the aerospace program, pilots reported that UFOs were flying at hyper-sonic speeds, more than five times the speed of sound. However, there were none of the ways that we believe usually accompany these fantastic devices, such as sound blasts etc…

In addition, these spacecraft also moved unexpectedly traveling so fast that they would have experienced gravitational forces or G forces, which far exceeded the limits of resistance for both humans and aircraft built by us; For example, the F-16 Fighting Falcon, one of the most maneuverable in the arsenal of the United States reaches its limit around 16 to 18 G while our body can support about 9 G and “for a very short time” before a person faints.

“These things pulled 400 or 500 G and had neither wings nor engines: they defy the natural laws of the gravitational force of the Earth,” he says. “Some of the sightings were finally resolved as aerial drones or test shots of new types of missiles that were viewed from an unusual angle, and although many cases still provoke rational explanations, there is simply not enough evidence to suggest they are aliens.”

Could it be possible that it happened as in so many movies we have seen? Are there real chances of an invasion or are they already among us and we do not know? According to experts there is another possibility that is even more worrying: that a foreign adversary secretly developed this type of technology that would change the strategic game of wars.

“Keeping secrets of UFO sightings creates in society absurd associations and other stupid theories about these phenomena,” says Elizondo. “We hope our country knows that North Korea has projectiles pointing to Los Angeles, but we do not trust them because we see that there is something in our skies and we do not know what it is,” he concludes.


Source: ElConfidencial


  1. Paul Stonehill June 10, 2019, 2:41 pm

    The Soviet Navy’s UFO and USO research took place decades ago, and was quite comprehensive.
    It’s a global phenomenon. It deserves a real media coverage.

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