The Intense Landing for a Family Aboard a Plane in the United States [VIDEO]

A couple was traveling in the aircraft with their two children when an accelerator broke in flight.

A family flying in a plane was forced to make an emergency landing last month at a Meridian airport (Mississippi, USA) after an accelerator broke in flight, as seen in a video posted on October 6 on YouTube.

The recording shows how Devin Miller – who runs the aircraft while his wife is co-pilot – communicates by radio with the air traffic controller to warn him that they have problems.

The marriage remains calm at all times so as not to alarm their two children, who are sitting in the back, seemingly unaware of anything that is happening.

After completing the emergency landing successfully, Miller celebrates by clapping and smiling.

His wife also smiles as she sighs in relief and puts her hands to her head after overcoming the stressful situation.

“I had the confidence from the beginning that I knew what to do and how to do it,” says a message from the pilot.

Watch the YouTube video down below!


Source: ActualidadRT