The Love Story Behind the Air Traffic Controller that Released at Least 7 Narcojets

Marta Orozco Acevedo, 54, had worked for a long time as an air traffic controller at the Ernesto Cortissoz airport, in Barranquilla, but her husband Harvey Guana, known with the alias of ‘Cabezón‘, convinced her to collaborate with the organization ‘Aviator’, allowing the entry of aircraft to clandestine runways in Magdalena without being detected.

When they arrived in Colombian territory, the criminal organization that bought large amounts of drugs from other criminal structures in Magdalena, loaded the ‘narcojets‘ with narcotics and, at that time, alias ‘Martha’ reappeared, because when they took off and left the country, the woman, apparently, did not report the controls or generate alarms established in their functions.

Orozco Avecedo had several years of relationship with alias ‘Cabezón‘, they have two minor children and, according to police investigators, the woman had an addiction to the casino game. On the other hand, her husband was in charge of being the right hand of the head of the organization, alias ‘Jaison‘, but as such, her job was to contact more aeronautical officials to collaborate with the departure of drug shipments from Colombia to Mexico .

Intelligence sources consulted by Blu Radio confirmed that alias ‘Martha’, from his position as an air traffic controller in Barranquilla, would have allowed at least seven entry and exit of seven ‘narcojets’ in Colombia, which means on average a shipment to Central America of at least three tons of cocaine.

Finally, the woman would have exposed the organization that would have links to the Sinaloa Cartel, in charge of sending the jets to load them with drugs, apparently, because she could not change a shift and that way, the authorities detected the aircraft of the net.

On September 5, 2017, the Air Force exploded the plane loaded with more than 500 kilos of coca in a clandestine runway in Pivijay, Magdalena.

By this detection, the Police managed to capture the woman and 11 others who would be linked to the organization, including her husband, alias ‘Cabezón‘ and alias ‘Jaison‘, leader of the criminal organization dedicated to sending large quantities of drugs in jets , but now they must face American justice, where they are asked for drug trafficking in a Los Angeles court.

BLU Radio.  Alias ​​'Martha' and alias 'Cabezón'.  Photo: Supplied



Source: Bluradio