The Moon, Venus and Jupiter will Draw a Smile from Space

The Moon, Venus and Jupiter will align on May 16 to form a smiling face.

In recent weeks we have been able to see great astronomical phenomena such as the full moon or the bolide that fell from the sky of Lima and Ica.

In these days the crossing of Venus with the Moon also occurred, a space phenomenon that thanks to the fact that there is not as much contamination as in other years, could be seen in several countries.

Despite the quarantine that we live through the coronavirus pandemic, the space has prepared a show that will literally make you smile.

According to astronomy, the conjunctions between planets occur due to the apparent proximity between two or more bodies of the Solar System in some region of the sky.

The last time such a conjunction could be appreciated was in 2008, in Australia, where this joyous phenomenon could be seen and will not be repeated until 2065, so it is a great opportunity to enjoy it and, above all, smile.




Source: Trome