The Most Important Astronomical Phenomenon of 2020

In 2020 humanity will contemplate the influence of an interesting and unusual astronomical phenomenon.

It is a triple conjunction of planets, including the two farthest from the solar system: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Discover everything related to this important astral event.

What is a triple conjunction?

The movements of the celestial bodies are an uncontrollable factor for the human being.

With the passage of time, the planets are completing their translation cycles in their orbits. Some of them are going faster, while others are slower.

It all depends on its size, and on the materials of which they are mainly composed.

From time to time, two or more stars coincide or align from the terrestrial point of view.

This is called the conjunction of planets. Depending on how many celestial bodies are involved, it may be a double or triple conjunction.

In the case of the latter phenomenon, it is usually preceded by a previous coincidence of two planets.

On the other hand, it is thought that these astral events cause changes in the behavior, attitude and perspective of the human being.

It is even believed that days before the phenomenon occurs, it begins its influence and lasts a while after it.

Because of this, astrologers and many fans take careful note to follow them exactly.

What will the triple conjunction of 2020 be like?

The planets involved in this event are Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. The first two are large and have a slow movement within their orbits.

On the other hand, Pluto is the one with the longest orbit, the furthest from the system in which we live. According to the researchers, the peak moment of the Triple Conjunction 2020 will be on January 12.

But before this date, you can see the double conjunction between Saturn and Pluto for the month of January.

From then on it will start a varied interaction between the sun, Mercury and some asteroids.

All this will lead to the most anticipated astronomical event for 2020: the triple conjunction.

Finally, in December there will be a meeting between Jupiter and Saturn again.

After that day the alignments will be over and a new cycle will begin in the opposite sciences: astronomy and astrology.

Such an event will not happen again in approximately 600 years, so many are attentive to contemplate what happens.

Triple conjunction frequency and average duration

Conjunctions are more common than it seems. In fact, there are many that are not observable for the human being, but it is believed that they still exert a great influence.

The moon, due to its very short phase cycle, often has conjunctions frequently. Especially with planets near the earth.

A double conjunction of planets usually occurs approximately every 35 years. Alignments between celestial bodies of different types may also occur.

Among them are the known eclipses of sun or moon. Each of these has its definite time cycle, and it is easy to calculate how long it will last, since it is usually short phenomena.

However, when it comes to a triple conjunction, humanity remains very attentive.

It is the first time since it is determined that something of such magnitude will happen. And it is not surprising, since they occur every 600 years.

Of course, in the previous one there was no technological team to recognize the phenomenon before it occurred.

In this case it has been determined that its duration is approximately one year.

It is expected to mark the beginning of a different astronomical cycle and of great relevance for humanity.

Past events related to the conjunction of planets

Many people in the course of history have ensured that the movement of celestial bodies directly influences the planet Earth.

For that reason, they have recorded what happens before, during or after these phenomena. It has been found that, coinciding with the, there have been relevant events for the human being.

Here are some of you:

– World War I in 1914

– The Cold War in 1947

– The conflict over the dominance of the Falkland Islands in 1982

It is expected then, that the cycle of the previous phenomenon will end by 2020, giving way to a new astronomical and world order.

Those who follow these astronomical events closely express positive opinions. In fact, many prepare to receive with joy the changes that this relevant event will produce in their lives.




Source: Columnacero