The Mysterious Case of Flight 513: Takes Off in 1954 and Lands in 1989

It is evident that time travel has had an important acceptance in the public as a Science Fiction subject. But what if this were completely true?

In 1954, a strange event left everyone breathless. Flight 513 was one of the most amazing mysteries in the world, as the plane that was in charge of taking passengers from Germany to Santiago de Chile suddenly disappeared.

In the year 1954, endless theories emerged about aliens, time travel and portals that take us to another dimension.

The reason for this commotion occurred due to the case of flight 513, which left a German airport to the Latin American country known as Chile.

However, during the process, when it was flying over the Atlantic Ocean, it completely disappeared.

No one knew what happened and the news immediately appeared in the World Weekly News, where an impressive and absurd story was told that was the reason for the dismissal of the staff in charge.

This plane was carrying 88 passengers and 4 crew, when the prognosis disappeared it was that they had crashed and had fallen into the Atlantic Ocean, after a few weeks of searching all the people who were on the flight were declared dead.

Despite the fact that many weird theories emerged involving wormholes and other fantastic events, people refused to believe it.

However, these seemed more and more strings when the plane reappeared again in the Brazilian airspace, in 1989. It was completely new, it did not seem to have any type of damage, not even in the paint.

After examining it, they found that the bodies of 92 people were found inside. What happened to this plane? What did these people see? Where did they go?

It is a rather mysterious subject, especially since the plane appeared, with the painting completely intact, like new, and all the people who left Germany for Chile in 1954 were inside it.

Unfortunately, only the skeletons of each individual remained.

It is a strange thing, because it cannot be assured what really happened, there are no witnesses, only theories without any solid basis on which to lean.

This fact is quite incredible, however, it has managed to leave the most skeptical and even lovers of conspiracy theories speechless. No one knew how to react to these strange events.

Source: Ufoymisterios