The Mystery of the Halloween Dinner on Trump’s Presidential Plane

Michelle Kosinski, a CNN journalist, posted on Twitter on Monday a photograph of the Halloween dinner served on the Air Force One, the presidential plane of Donald Trump.

The image quickly caught the attention of many network users because of the strange garrison.

The image shows a yellow pepper with a smiling face drawn and accompanied by a salad. In the upper left part of the tray a smaller dish is seen as a garnish, but its content is not understood.

“It looks like a very frozen mutant cinnamon roll,” one user said, while another pointed out that “it could be a mutant chicken, some kind of too frozen cake or an alien face-hugging pod waiting to hook some politicians.” There were even those who joked that it could be something “from the new [movie of] Star Wars”.

Another Internet user said it is “the most sinister muffin in the world.”Finally, a tweeter offered a hypothesis that seems quite plausible: “Easy, it is a glazed thigh with jelly, chicken, apple, cinnamon and empanada.” And you, what do you think it is?


Source: ActualidadRT