The Navy Postpones the Towing of the Spain’s Minesweeper

The Navy has decided to postpone the task of towing of the Turia minesweeper, stranded in front of the beach Galúa de La Manga, two days later than planned due to the worsening of time.

The tightness tests and indoor balloon placement work will continue throughout the day.

The decision to delay the trailer was taken at a meeting held this Sunday aboard the Turia, at which the installation of the outer balloons ended.

The Turia crashed last Tuesday when it was in the rescue efforts of the C-101 that crashed in the Mediterranean, at the height of kilometer 4 of La Manga, the Air Army commander Francisco Marín died in the plane crash.

The Navy blamed the storm on what happened to the Turia by being stranded in a rocky bed when the crew was trying to recover the underwater robot Pluto that had taken high-resolution images of what could be an important part of the plane in which Marin died for the strong impact against water.

The Navy, in collaboration with a specialized company, has chosen to redirect the Turia minesweeper through a system of belts with floats that, after the water bilge that entered through the water path caused by the ship’s run-off, allows buoyancy to be towed the ship to the port of Cartagena.


Source: Estrelladigital