The Only Passenger on This Plane Decides to Shoot a Funny Short Film [VIDEO]

Realizing that he would travel practically in a private jet, Vincent Peone used his cell phone to immortalize this experience that everyone dreams about.

On Monday, the director based in New York wanted to return home from Aspen (Colorado), making a stopover in Salt Lake City (Utah).

Traveling on the wings of Delta Airlines, Peone had the unpleasant surprise that the first segment of his return home was going to be delayed.

However, his mood changed for the better when he learned that this unfortunate situation had resulted in him being the only human non-crew member to be present at the time of the rescheduled take-off.

Realizing quickly that he would have the opportunity to live the dream flight of most travelers (other humans are so nonchalant), he let the professional aspect of his personality take over.

He grabbed his mobile phone and shot some humorous scenes that testify to the absurdity of the situation.

In this video posted on Twitter, we first see a Delta employee making an announcement in the terminal waiting area.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we are now going to board our flight to Salt Lake City from Gate 5. Can the only passenger on this flight be able to board the ship,” said the lady. Peone answers, “It’s me,” before taking his bag.

We then see another Delta employee to whom the director asks if this is the first time that the company will fly a single person on board an aircraft.

She breaks all the magic by answering: “No, it has already happened. Sorry.”

Then we see staff moving yellow bags that seem very heavy. It is, according to Peone, to “add weight because there is nobody”.

The story continues with our main protagonist now comfortably seated in a seat, listening to an announcement of a flight attendant for him, and on his own.

“Good evening Vincent and welcome on board. We are excited to serve you today. If you need help to settle down, we will help you with pleasure. To make sure we leave on time, stay in your seat, please, “says the employee.

Afterwards, the lucky of the day has the honor to greet and personally thank the pilot of the aircraft, before proudly taking the pose on the stairs leading to the tarmac.

The most fantastic thing about this story is that Peone was able to choose ANY seat among ALL the seats on the plane.

In an interview with the Washington Post, he recounted what he had to say when making his choice.

“I went near the window and near the driveway. I was tempted to break a record and sit in each seat for two minutes throughout the flight, to be able to say that I sat all over the plane. But I’m not that ambitious, “he said.

Source: Lesacdechips