The Pentagon Notified Trump About UFO Sightings

The Pentagon met with some senators from the United States, including the vice president of  the Intelligence Committee, to notify him that the nation’s Navy has observed UFO.

The reality is that Pentagon officials  did not report that they were aliens, but rather that the U.S. Navy had sightings of UFOs.

This is the last group of public officials to whom they sent that classified information.

The Lieutenant Commander Daniel Day, spokesman for the Pentagon, said on the meeting that “Navy officials met with members of Congress to provide a classified summary of efforts to understand and identify these threats to the safety of our pilots,” he said.

Day said that Navy officials  will continue to inform Congress officials and interested staff about what happens to the UFOs, but because those meetings are classified, they will not comment on the content of the meetings.

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The office of the vice president of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner confirmed that news.

Spokeswoman vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Rachel Cohen, said that “if the naval pilots are with an inexplicable interference in the air, is a security problem, Senator Warner believes we must get to the bottom,”

The inclination to know the unidentified air phenomenon has increased since in 2017, the Pentagon created a program to analyze that situation at the request of Senator Harry Reid.

At that time, the officials talked with many pilots and navigators who claimed to have seen UFOs who did not follow the laws of aerodynamics, some were recorded in videos and released to the public . Among those testimonies are those of the F / A-18 pilots and other officials who worked with the aircraft carrier battle group USS Nimitz in California in 2004 and officers who worked on the USS Theodore Roosevelt  in the Atlantic during the 2015 and 2016.

For his part, the US president, Donald Trump told ABC News that he had also been informed of the UFO sighting by some members of the Navy. He asserted that although he did not believe in unidentified flying objects, he had no problem with the Navy doing so.

The reality is that the United States Navy has sighted many UFOs over a long period of time. They have also had contact with unidentified flying objects, sometimes this reality is made known to the media and at other times they are not informed.

The Navy has evidence of the presence of UFO, so in April this body of military drafted the new parameters to be followed by pilots and staff to facilitate the information of unexplained events such as encounters with unidentified flying objects.

Unidentified flying objects are of military interest for reasons of protection and security. In fact, both the Navy and the Air Force of the United States seriously consider these reports.

The meetings with the members of the congress were planned by the Navy, also officials of the office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence participated, none of them was authorized to declare.

Some people expect Congress to formalize this type of research so that the Department of Defense can compile more information through satellites and perform a more accurate analysis.


Source: Bles