The Peruvian Air Force Confirms UFO Sightings near the Lima Airport

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The Peruvian Air Force confirmed for the first time this Tuesday – exclusively for CNN in Spanish – the sighting of two unidentified flying objects near Lima on February 27.

This verification was made through the Information and Aerospace Interests Directorate of Peru (DINIA) and the major general FAP Robert Baxerias Vucanovich, who noted: “the occurrence that you refer in fact existed and for this it is necessary to point out that in that opportunity air operations, both civil and military, were never at risk due to location and location. ”

Major General Baxerias also referred us to the principal investigator of the office in charge of the case, Marco A. Barraza, who shared more details of the incident and confirmed that it is not the only case that is under investigation. CNN en Español also had access to the official documents that certify the case.

Last February, documents were leaked to social networks reporting an incident that occurred on the 27th of that month at 1:30 in the morning and very close to the Jorge Chávez international airport in the city of Lima. The report referred to two very luminous unidentified flying objects (UFOs) located 5 nautical miles away and at an approximate height of 2,400 meters that caught the attention of the crew of two commercial flights that were preparing to take off.

As the report indicates, the crew of the aircraft LANPERU2437 and LATAM ECUADOR 1442, who were on the taxiways, corroborated the sighting in the communication they had with the control tower. This incident lasted approximately 40 minutes and was recorded on the radar screen operated by CORPAC, as can be read in the report.

Without as much secrecy as in the United States , in Latin America several years ago the air forces of several countries have offices for the investigation of these phenomena.

The issue of anomalous aerial phenomena as it is now known is in fashion all over the world, and it is because of the recent statements that US Navy pilots. They have made about their encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs), according to the disclosure of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) that the Pentagon secretly ran between 2007 and 2012 as initially reported by the New York Times and Politician.

And according to the question that the ABC News reporter George Stephanopoulos made to the president of the United States, Donald Trump, a few days ago.

Stephanopoulos asked him what he thought about those reports of UFO sightings, to which he replied: “What if I believe it? Particularly not “and” our wonderful pilots would know “if there was evidence of extraterrestrial life.

This is the first time that the US Department of Defense officially releases videos of encounters with unidentified flying objects, but this is only the official confirmation of what was already known.


Source: CNNEspanol