The Russian Air Force Destroys 3 Command Centers of the Terrorists in Idlib

Russian fighter jets launched a series of raids, during which several targets belonging to the Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham terrorists were destroyed in the southern Idlib camp.

A field source in southern Idlib told the News Agency that the raids carried out by Russian fighter jets were directed to military barracks and crowds belonging to the HTS terrorist organization in the cities of Taftanaz, Hass, Kafr Nabl and Sarmin in the countryside of southern Idlib.

The source said Russian reconnaissance planes monitored the movements and crowds of militants in the Taftanaz, Hass, Kafrnbel and Sarmin airport centers in the southern Idlib camp.

The source confirmed that the airstrikes destroyed three headquarters of the armed groups, in addition to six vehicles, including a vehicle with four-wheel drive used by the armed groups to transport equipment, ammunition, weapons and personnel.


Source: News-front