The Russian Navy and Aerospace Forces Conduct Joint Maneuvers in the Mediterranean [VIDEO]

The Navy and the Aerospace Forces of Russia have carried out joint exercises in the Mediterranean as part of the final training test of the forces of the group, reports RIA Novosti.

The maneuvers involved more than five warships and auxiliary ships.

The exercises were characterized by involving a diverse group “which included ships of the Black Sea Fleet, the Baltic Fleet, as well as auxiliary ships, the Bastion missile coastal complex, the aviation of the Aerospace Forces, as well as dredgers and fast attack ships,” said commander of operations in the area, Sergey Tronev.

Also, Tronev stressed that the forces practiced the use of artillery, missiles, defense elements and navigational guard in the area.

In addition, the naval forces carried out joint exercises with aviation and the land army.

Watch the video down below:


Source: ActualidadRT