The Secretary of State of Defense of Spain ‘Crashes’ in the Simulator of an F-18 Fighter

The Spanish Minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs in office, Margarita Robles, and her number two, the Secretary of State for Defense, Angel Olivares, have had the opportunity to test their skills on Thursday at the controls of a fighter simulator F- 18, demonstrating his expertise with unequal fate, reports 20 minutes.

At first, Robles managed to take off from the Torrejón Air Base and flew around Madrid at more than 2,000 kilometers per hour to intercept a suspicious plane.

Next, the Secretary of State for Defense, Angel Olivares, approached the aircraft and tried to contact his pilots, who refused to answer, at which point he launched an alert projectile.

After receiving the order to shoot down the plane, the Secretary of State of Defense fired on the aircraft.

However, the mission did not end well, since Olivares’ hunt crashed into the Sierra de Madrid because it was flying too low.

Both Robles and Olivares expressed their fascination with the level and quality of training carried out by the pilots of the Spanish Air Force, who must demonstrate their physical and mental training to make decisions quickly.

Margarita Robles wanted to thank the pilots for their “dedication and commitment to continue working in this Unit, with the generosity and dedication with which they do it every day of the year,” said the Ministry of Defense of Spain.





Source: ActualidadRT