The Shocking Moment When a Paratrooper Destroys His Leg When Hitting a Wall

French paratrooper Mahieu Maurice suffered a serious injury on Sunday after crashing into a wall during a base jumping competition held in Ronda (Malaga, Spain), according to a video posted on Facebook.

In the recording he sees how Maurice’s parachute does not open fully and makes him lose his balance in the air, so he hits the wall hard, with his two legs in front, thus avoiding a major injury. After the blow, the athlete lands as he can with a cry of pain, while the medical services take care of him ‘on site‘.

According to local media, the paratrooper suffered a severe open fracture of one of his legs which severed an artery that connects him to the foot for which reason they had to transfer him to a nearby hospital and operate it urgently. The operation was a success and now Maurice is recovering in the health center.

Source: Actualidad