The Swedish Company Saab Confirmed Interest in Selling Fighter Planes to Colombia

A few weeks ago, the news came back loudly that the Colombian Air Force, with the support of the National Government, would be seeking to renew the fleet of the fighters it has had for a couple of decades.

In the framework of the presentation that will be made for Brazil of the delivery of its Gripen E aircraft, in Stockholm, Sweden, Richart Smith, director of sales and marketing of Gripen, said that there is a great interest on the part of the Swedish company.

To stay with that business, to the point that he confirmed the proposal that there is for the FAC is the sale of 15 aircraft between Gripen E and F fighters that have as their great character respectively that they are single and two-seater.

The offer would be between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars.

This confirms the third company that seeks to keep the renewal of the Colombian fighter fleet , taking into account that there were already offers from the United States with F16 and another by Spaniards with its Eurofighter.


Source: Wradio