The U.S. Navy Admits There are Three Real UFO Videos

Joseph Gradisher, spokesman for the Naval Forces, warned that the objects sighted are not identified. The images were disseminated by The New York Times and The Stars Academy of Arts & Science.

The United States Navy admitted that the three UFO videos published by The New York Times a few months ago are “unidentified” real objects.

“The Navy believes that the phenomena contained in those three videos are not identified,” US Naval Forces spokesman  Joseph Gradisher told The Black Vault, a website dedicated to declassifying government documents.

“The terminology of unidentified aerial phenomena is used because it provides the basic description for sightings, observations of unauthorized aircraft or objects that have been observed entering or operating in the airspace of several military-controlled training camps” Gardisher added.

In May of this year, United States Navy pilots said they had seen unidentified objects that were moving at a hypersonic speed, and not only that, since these foreign bodies performed impossible maneuvers in the air off the east coast of United States, as reported by the American newspaper.

According to the witnesses of this event, these objects did not have propellants or visible exhaust pipes, however, they could reach high speeds.

Ryan Graves, F / A-18 Super Hornet fighter plane pilot, who reports on sightings to the Pentagon and the United States Congress, told The New York Times: “Those things were up there all day.”

Despite this, the pilots do not ensure that these foreign objects are of extraterrestrial origin, since many UFOs turn out to have logical explanations.

Initially, the Pentagon had tried to keep this type of event a secret at the request of ex-senator Harry Reid, but now it was acknowledged that Reid himself has expressed his desire for legislators to hold public hearings on what the military knows, Fox revealed News. 

“They would be surprised at how the American public would accept it,” he said during a broad interview with a Nevada radio station.

The first video that showed the unidentified object was taken on November 14, 2004, the second clip was captured on January 21, 2015 and shows another aerial vehicle with pilots commenting on how strange it is.

The third and final video was also taken on January 21, 2015, but so far it has not been identified if it is the same object or it is a different one.

Given these events, the first president of the United States, Donald Trump, said he was informed about the sightings of unidentified flying objects by the Navy pilots, but he was skeptical about the existence of UFOs.

“I had a very brief meeting about it. But people say they are seeing UFOs. I think so? Not particularly,” Trump told George Stephanopolous of ABC News earlier this year, referring to Navy pilots. 

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Source: Elnuevodia