The United States B-2 Bomber Arrives in Iceland to Expand its Military Presence in the Region

Earlier this week, three American B-2 bombers arrived at the Royal Air Force (RAF) base in Fairford, United Kingdom, to participate in regional navy drills. Subsequently, one of the fighter jets was given the task of flying to Iceland as part of the war games.

A stealth American B-2 Spirit bomber landed on Wednesday at Keflavik Naval Air Station in Iceland, which became the first visit of the fighter jet to the area.

The visit came one day after the US European Command. UU. (EUCOM) said in a statement that three B-2 bombers of the 509 Bomb Wing at the Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri had arrived at a Royal Air Force (RAF) base in Gloucestershire before the military exercises region.

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“The deployment of strategic bombers [B-2] in the United Kingdom helps to exercise the RAF Fairford as the United States Air Force in the advanced operational location of European bombers,” the statement said, adding that the deployment also includes “Joint and allied training in Europe to improve the interchangeability of the bombers”.

The statement noted that training the United States with partners, allied nations and other Air Force units allows Washington to “build lasting and strategic relationships necessary to face a wide range of global challenges.”

The drills occur amid US efforts to reestablish their greater presence in Keflavik, which was deactivated in 2006. In this regard, Washington has repeatedly signaled Russia’s alleged naval presence in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea.

Cmdr Pamela Rawe, spokesman for the United States Naval Forces in Europe and Africa, told the Stars and Stripes newspaper last year that “while Iceland remains a strong NATO ally, the United States has no plans to reestablish a permanent presence in Iceland” Despite renovations in Keflavik are on their way

At this time, the US UU. And other NATO members send rotational detachments of fighter jets to the Keflavik base as part of the Icelandic air surveillance mission of the alliance.



Source: Newsfront