The United States Moves Part of its Northern Command to the “safest bunker in the world” for Fear of COVID-19

The Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station is covered by 610 meters of granite and protected with two 21-ton concrete and steel doors, considered the “safest bunker in the world”, will receive part from the US Northern Command

In the face of the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, the United States Northern Command has taken the step of dividing its personnel, relocating part of it in an Armed Forces bunker in the mountains of Colorado, according to the command chief. North, General Terrence O’Shaughnessy.

“To ensure that we can defend the homeland despite this pandemic, our command and control surveillance team here at headquarters was divided into multiple shifts, and parts of our surveillance team began to work from the Air Force Station of Cheyenne Mountain,” O’Shaughnessy said Monday, answering questions in a Facebook broadcast, RT reported.

Built in the 1960s, the station is a vast underground complex located under 610 meters of granite on the eponymous mountain a few miles from the city of Colorado Springs, in the state of Colorado.

In the center of the complex six tunnels extend up to 12 meters wide and three stories high.

Two 21-ton concrete and steel doors protect the structure from possible atomic explosions.

“We like to say it is the safest facility in the world,” Base Deputy Director Steve Rose told AP in 2018.

Currently, the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station is occupied by the North American Aerospace Defense Command ( NORAD, which deals with US air defense and control. and Canada.

As Covid-19 expands across the United States, its military is not exempt.

On Thursday of last week, the US Navy reported that in a single day, on the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, 35 additional sailors and civilians tested positive on the huge vessel that has 5,000 people on board, and ordered it to go to port in Guam Island to test the entire crew for coronavirus tests.

“We look forward to additional positive tests, and those sailors who test positive will be transported to the United States Naval Hospital in Guam for further evaluation and treatment as necessary,” Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday said in a statement.

As the cases continue to increase, the Pacific Fleet announced that it would renounce identifying by name the ships to which the infected sailors are assigned, given the possibility of affecting the combat disposition.

Similarly, the Defense Secretary ordered to stop publishing details of the Covid-19 in his ranks to avoid disclosing weaknesses to the adversaries of the United States.

Prior to these 35 cases, the US Navy had detected 104 SARS-CoV-2 positives in that fleet.

The ships compromised with the coronavirus are located in the Pacific, Italy, Spain and Japan, and in the US ports of San Diego, Memphis, Millington, Atlanta and Newport.

In total, there are five civilians working for the Navy located in California, Florida, Louisiana, Washington State and Virginia, the Navy Times reported.

Furthermore, although the U.S. military is prohibited from carrying out law enforcement duties on U.S. soil, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday authorizing the convening of up to a million reserve and retired Army personnel, the The Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard may be called to help civil authorities respond to the pandemic, as the nearly 10,000 National Guard troops already deployed have done.

On Saturday, Esper announced a modified law that would provide federal funds for states seeking to deploy more of these troops.

In addition to this, two hospital ships have been dispatched to assist with the treatment of patients in New York and Los Angeles.







Source: Juventudrebelde