The United States Navy’s “Doomsday” Plane Almost Crashed Due to a Bird Attack

A “Doomsday” naval aircraft designed to be used as a command center in a nuclear war was taken out of service by a bird, which caused damage of more than $2 million when it was sucked in by an engine during a flight of proof.

The E-6B Mercury plane landed after an unidentified bird species was absorbed by one of its four engines during a test flight at the Naval Air Station of the Patuxent River in Maryland earlier this month.

The plane was making a tactile landing when the “Class A” accident occurred, causing damage of more than $2 million and requiring replacement of the entire engine.

The bird was the only victim.

The “Doomsday” aircraft is designed to serve as a command and control post in the event of a nuclear war, connecting the “nuclear triad” of submarines, US Air Force bombers and ICBM with the president and The head of the Pentagon.

The affected ship has been repaired and returned to service.

It is the second E-6B Mercury that encounters costly misfortunes this year; Another of the $141 million plane was damaged while being towed out of a hangar at the Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma in February.

An investigation into the attack of the birds is ongoing. Unfortunately, naval investigators missed the opportunity to interrogate the winged saboteur.




Source: Newsfront