The United States will Launch its Space Force Next Week

The United States will launch on August 29 its announced Space Force, which will have 87 units in principle, to fulfill the desire of the Administration of President Donald Trump to open a “new era” in the defense of the country.

This was announced on Tuesday by the US Vice President, Mike Pence, and the head of the United States General Staff , General Joseph Dunford, at the sixth meeting of the National Space Council.

“Next week, we will formally launch the new unified combat command that will be known as the United States Space Command, ” said Pence, who noted that four-star Air Force General John Raymond will be the first commander of that force.

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Pence said the American people are “ready for the next chapter in history,” in allusion to the Trump administration’s space policy, which has prioritized the return of man to the Moon in 2024 and make a mission to Mars a reality.

“We have put an end to decades of cuts and budget decline. And we have renewed the commitment of the United States to human space exploration, promising to go further in space, further and faster than ever,” said Pence.

On February 19, Trump clarified that this military body will be within the structure of the Air Force, as the Department of Defense had recommended.

The Government defined the Space Force as the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces – the others are the Air, Land, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard armies – although it will be under the Force umbrella Aerial

During the same meeting, Dunford stressed that the 87 units of that force will be dedicated to launching missile warnings and satellite operations, as well as offering control and space support.

“This step will put us on the path of maintaining a competitive advantage,” Dunfort said.

Last April, the Department of Defense said that the decision to keep the Space Force under the control of the Air Force will allow its cost to taxpayers to be only US $1.5 per year.



Source: Peru21