The United States will Soon have New Reconnaissance Helicopters [VIDEO]

The United States Air Force is in a process of total modernization, from its bases to the top.

Both the ground forces, the navy, and the air forces are in a process of selecting new models of weapons and systems.

The US Air Force is now searching for a new reconnaissance helicopter for its units.

To find the most modern design, as always, the US military launched a campaign for companies to produce and present their own projects.

The finalists of the contest organized by the army are the companies Lockheed Martin and Bell.

Two veteran companies in the manufacture of this type of air vehicle.

Each company will launch a prototype that will be valued and named the winner in the final to be held in 2023.

The helicopters have shown Bell 360 Invictus name and Raider X. Both have already launched an advertising campaign for both devices.

The ultimate goal is none other than to replace the veteran models that are still used in the United States.


Watch the video below:


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