The US Officially Investigates an Extraterrestrial Metal: “It is Not Human Creation”

Can you imagine that the government of a great power will publicly announce that it will devote part of its time and resources to investigate whether we have extraterrestrial technology on Earth?

Well, it is no longer necessary to dream it, because the United States has just officially announced that it will get down to work to determine whether we have materials from other civilizations on our planet that are not listed as such. Almost nothing.

Just a few days ago, the United States Army published a document confirming a collaboration agreement with an association called the Academy of Arts and Sciences Towards the Stars (TTSA), a non-profit corporation dedicated to the investigation of the UFO phenomenon, but from a scientific point of view.

And they claim to have in their possession a series of elements impossible to replicate on our planet.

TTSA was founded in 2017 by Tom DeLonge, best known for being the singer and guitarist of the rock band Blink 182.

But it is not an organization of simple fans, but it has people of important cultural and intellectual level, such as scientists of all kinds, former CIA workers, former army officers in charge of analyzing their X files or even experts in technological research at Lockheed Martin. A good squad

First, this organization claims to have achieved a series of very advanced technologies that could have some short-term application.

These are techniques related to propelled energy propulsion, anti-gravitational technology, quantum or metamaterial communications, among many others.

But the TTSA claims to have in its possession a series of physical evidence to which its experts have not been able to give an explanation.

There are seven strange ‘metallic stones’, composed of an alloy of zinc, magnesium and bismuth, in addition to another that also includes aluminum.

Its origin is, at least, rocambolesca: today, they are owned by Tom DeLonge, who was given by Linda Moulton Howe, a renowned journalist of the world of mystery.

And, in turn, she was given by another journalist, Art Bell , who bought them from a man whose grandfather was involved in the Rosswell case, according to Gizmodo.

Thus, seven strange stones that a military man found in that strange incident in the New Mexico desert – and that he hid his superiors or, in the worst case, stole without his consent – will be analyzed by the US Army.

The great curiosity is that these materials have not been found again on Earth, they are not a human creation and they have a series of characteristics that are unique on our planet.

Specifically, they have a thermal resistance well above the known materials of the Earth and, in addition, show antigravitational properties when exposed to a certain frequency of electromagnetic radiation.

“Its structure and composition do not come from any existing military or commercial application. In some cases, the required manufacturing technology is now only available , but they are metals discovered in the forties,” they explain.

Now, the US Army will be able to access these mysterious minerals never before seen on our planet and the cutting-edge technology that the TTSA claims to have in its possession.

And, most importantly, the relevant investigations will be carried out without an economic agreement in between, that is, completely free.

It will be in the coming months when we know if it was something extraordinary or if, on the contrary, everything was a simple ‘magufada’.

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Source: Elconfidencial