The Wings of Some Boeing 737 are Defective and Can Crack in Mid-Flight

The Federal Administration of Civil Aviation of the United States (FAA) reported that some pieces of the Boeing 737 MAX and the new 737 NG could be made improperly and without following regulatory resistance standards and durability.

According to an investigation by the FAA and Boeing itself, up to 148 leading edges (the front of the wings, which guarantees the correct lift of the device) manufactured by one of the Boeing suppliers would be affected, affecting 133 737 NG aircraft and 179 MAX aircraft. In total, more than 300 aircraft.

These parts “could suffer premature failure or cracks due to an improper manufacturing process,” the FAA said in a statement.

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The United States assures that these defects do not pose an immediate catastrophe risk to aircraft, but acknowledges that there is a risk that a failure of these parts will cause damage to the aircraft in mid-flight.

The FAA already has the serial numbers that identify the devices that carry the defective parts, of which 65 are in the United States. Now, the FAA will issue a Flight Authorization Directive requiring Boeing to identify and remove these parts, so airlines must replace them in ten days.

The 737 MAX remain on the ground since a few months ago 346 people died in two plane crashes of Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air, attributed to defects in the navigational systems of the aircraft.




Source: Larazon