The ‘Wolf Moon’ is Almost Here

We all have an appointment with the Moon on January 28, it is the first in the year 2021 and it is known as the “Wolf Moon“.

Next, we give you all the details so that you can enjoy this astronomical phenomenon from home and with your family.

We have good news for everyone, because the phenomenon can be appreciated anywhere as long as there is a clear sky, so it would not be bad at all if you go to the balcony or roof of your house and take your binoculars and camera.

According to information from National Geographic, it is called “Wolf Moon” by Native Americans in the United States, because at that time the howling of wolves outside the villages increased more.

If you are fans of astronomical events, you should be very aware this year, because 2021 will feature a great variety of phenomena.

Just so that you keep it in mind, the Snow Moon will take place on February 27.



Source: Planoinformativo

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