These are the Most Disturbing Natura Phenomena in the World

Halloween night is, they say, the scariest night of the year, one in which children (and some adults) disguise themselves as monsters, ghosts or any other being who is afraid to ask for the famous “trick or treat” in return of candies, according to the Anglo-Saxon tradition.

It is the night of the year in which the dark, the disturbing and the frightening are the absolute protagonists.

Following that thematic of the creepy doctor in Physics and meteorologist Mar Gómez has conquered Twitter this Halloween night with her thread The most disturbing natural phenomena in the world, placing itself as a national trending topic.

Gomez not only lists these strange events, but gives them a brief scientific explanation, making them stop looking  like witch things and become mere natural phenomena

The ball lightning, the rain of blood, the red goblins or the fire of San Telmo, which in the past disturbed the navigators under stormy skies, lose after the explanation their halo of mystery, but still remain worthy curiosities (and rare) to see.



Source: Eldiario