They Manage to ‘Grow’ Meat in Space for the First Time

Meat is no longer the exclusive preserve of the Earth.

An Israeli company has announced that it has been able to ‘grow‘ meat in space, exactly 400 kilometers from the planet’s surface, at the International Space Station.

The food technology company Aleph Farms has been responsible for growing cuts of meat from cells that it reproduces and which, thanks to a 3D printer makes it “grow”.

With this, it seeks to mimic the natural process of regeneration of muscle tissue that takes place in the body of cows, artificially and under controlled conditions.

“A meat free of suffering. It consists of taking a sample of the animal cells of a real cow and replicating them outside the animal: without the antibiotics, the environmental footprint and the contamination that the traditional production of meat entails”, they assure Science Alert from the company.

“In space we do not have 10 thousand or 15 thousand liters of water available for one kilogram of beef.

The joint experiment marks a first and significant step towards achieving food security for future generations, preserving our natural resources.” said Didier Toubia, co-founder and CEO of Aleph Farms.


Source: Elconfidencial