They Manage to Produce Meat in Space

An experiment conducted on board the International Space Station has been able to produce meat grown outside the Earth for the first time, without the presence of any animals.

The research conducted in the ingravid environment of the orbital complex consisted of 3D bioprinting of beef, according to the technology developed by the Israeli firm Aleph Farms, in collaboration with the Russian company 3D Bioprinting Solutions and two US food companies.

Aleph Biofarms investigates growing cultured beef fillets, which consists in growing a whole piece of real and edible meat from only a couple of cells, in this case, bovine cell spheroids, in a laboratory.

In the Space Station, the experiment consisted of cultivating a piece of meat imitating the natural process of regeneration of a cow’s muscle tissue.

“In a joint experiment aboard the Space Station, we successfully produced cultured meat regardless of the availability of local land and water resources. This is a milestone towards the promise of sustainable food anywhere!”Aleph Biofarms said on his Twitter account.



Source: Invdes