They Recover Four Corpses at the Site of the An-72 Incident in the DRC

“According to the communication services of the Presidency of the Republic, four bodies were recovered from the rubble found in the place where the Antónov-72 plane crashed last Thursday [October 10],” the media said.

He points out that the remains of the aircraft were found near the city of Kole, in the province of Sankuru.

On October 10, the An-72 cargo plane operated by the Air Force and involved in logistics operations for the presidency of the DRC, crashed with at least eight people on board in the east of the African country.

According to data, three of those people were members of the guard of the president of the DRC, Felix Tshisekedi, and one was his personal driver.

The Russian Embassy in the DRC informed, on the other hand, that on board the An-72 were two Russians – Vladimir Sadovnik and Vitali Shumkov – who were pilots of the plane.

The spokeswoman for the Russian diplomatic mission in the DRC, Natalia Kononova, told Sputnik on October 15 that she does not know if Sadóvnichi and Shumkov’s bodies are among the recovered bodies.



Source: Sputnik