They Report Luminous Spheres in the Sky of Puebla, Mexico [UFOs]

During the morning of this Sunday locals and tourists were surprised by two sightings in the sky of Puebla capital.

The first of these was that of two strips that formed the same number of semicircles while later several luminous spheres suspended in the sky were reported.

Even through social networks, various users commented on what happened. Of course, and as expected in these types of situations, the first speculation and the one of greatest stir was the version of UFO assumptions that flew over the city.

“I am in Analco, UFOs continue on the sky, they took a while suspended in one place” or “They are UFOs see 04”, were some of the messages that could be on social networks, especially on Twitter.

The number of objects varied depending on the area, some claim to have seen up to 8 spheres while others only one.

But not only were they seen in Puebla capital and it is that even in neighboring municipalities such as Cholula sightings of the same nature were also reported.

There were even those who took out their telescopes to get a better view of these areas.

And although technically having said that on the morning of this Sunday UFOs were seen over the poblano sky is not wrong, because the word is the acronym for “Unidentified Flying Object”, unfortunately – for some – this phenomenon had nothing to do with intergalactic beings, much less with extraterrestrial ships.

The sightings were only and exclusively hot air balloons that were launched from the stadium area (Cuauhtémoc and Hermanos Serdán) on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Torch Campesina celebrated in the city and that gathered more than 150 thousand members of Puebla, Tlaxcala, Veracruz and Oaxaca.

Probably, due to the size and weather conditions, the balloons seemed to be suspended although they were actually running but at a much slower speed, which caused confusion.

As for the lines that formed semicircles, there are versions that indicate that it was the trail of some aircraft that crossed the sky product of the suspension of activities at the International Airport of Mexico City, due to weather conditions, and that prevented the landing of airplanes, which were even diverted to other airports.



Source:  Elsoldepuebla